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I think that the 60 hour TEFL online course is comprehensive, but that the resources must be exhausted by those of us who have not got a degree in education in order to pass the assignments. I think that checkpoint two is misleading and unclear, especially the video. I have completed the extra modules and I feel they were not with the money, even though I learnt something. They just felt padded out.

Not everyone can expect to pass. If you cannot complete the course in the given time then maybe you should not be a TEFL teacher, because the nature of the job is only slightly less demanding. I have recently completed the hour online course and am surprised by the overwhelmingly negative feedback on this page.

Firstly, anyone who is looking into proper qualification for a career in tefl should certainly look at a CELTA but if you mistakenly think that this is on the same level then you should have done your research more thoroughly. I-to-I does not mention teaching experience so I fail to understand why people are upset about this.

In my particular location there are no certified centers for me to do classroom observation or workshops, so the CELTA was not an option. Doing this course online was a great review of grammar and I picked up a few things along the way.

Personally I found the course quite enjoyable and the tutor feedback was immediate always marked within ten minutes. My only complaint is the never-ending sale which I mistakenly believed would end I bought the course in a rush but I would recommend this course to anyone who is dabbling in the idea of teaching English in Asia.

I think everyone has a decent point to make here…but personally, I have enjoyed the i-to-i hr online course as I feel it is preparing me for what it will be like to teach english abroad. It makes you pass tests and complete lesson plans for submission. I agree that CELTA etc is best if you want a longer term career in TEFL, but as I only want a career break or to see if I really could enjoy teaching abroad, the online plus weekend course is sufficient for me.

Ask me again after I have actually tried teaching in Thailand though! Money grabbing, unhelpful, would never recommend the company to anyone. Time never dragged as we did lots of different activities providing lots of ideas for activities to use with students , including two teaching practices, and I feel I learnt a lot. I signed up to the course looking for a taster of TEFL to see if it was for me and it definitely provided a great introduction.

I was just looking for a bit of advice on how to handle my CV and personal statements. When I initially expressed interest in the course I kept getting calls from them and I took my time researching the company and they did a pretty good job of convincing me to sign up to the hour course. For an online course, I was pleasantly surprised by the content of the course and the high level of attention given to online students.

Yes, I would have preferred the course to include a little more content, but there are so many links for suggested reading that as a student wanting to teach it is up to you to put the effort into the course in order to get more out of it.

I-to-I have also been running a number of online webinars which accompany the course which cover a variety of topics and allow for a question and answer session following a half hour interactive presentation. I doubt this is the best course available, but I would definitely recommend it as a starting point in order to gain confidence and get a clear insight to what ESL teaching really involves.

I already had an English degree with a minor in secondary teaching, so that definitely influenced my experience. I was able to get through the in-depth grammar portion rather easily, but there were days that it numbed my brain a little. The feedback was usually good and helpful and I actually kept all of the materials you can save them as PDF files and quizzes so I could go back to them. I started teaching an Italian adult while I was taking the course and she really responded well to everything I implemented into my lessons.

The course was a life-saver and made the lessons much more interesting and engaging. I had great fun doing the hour weekend TEFL Course, having almost completed my hours online, it was extremely useful for consolidating what I had already learned especially some of the trickier grammar points.

The course was necessarily long, and the number of breaks was just right for the amount of contact time. The only negative I would say is that for me, the 9am start on a Sunday was a bit too early because of transport issues. I would definitely recommend this course. Just finished the 60 hour course, and plan on going back to turn it into a full hour course.

Being someone who has had no experience in teaching English, I feel I know a lot more now than I did prior to starting the course. The feedback I received from the tutors was for the most part excellent.

On the one assignment I failed on my first try, the feedback provided from the tutor was very clear about what was expected, and helped me pass it with no problems on the second try. All other feedback I received, I thought was quite helpful in understanding the information that the module wanted to convey. This course seems to provide to people what they are willing to get out of it.

Someone will get much out of this course if they apply the effort to do so. My only complaints would be that some of the instructions in the assignments could have been more clear, and more video examples of teaching techniques and lessons would have been very helpful. However, what is there is definitely enough to give someone a good start in the world of TEFL.

I have had many problems with this course. It seems that the main goal for i to i is to dress the course up very nicely but you get no actual experience at the end of it. I am dyslexic and have not received any support in the way of being given extra time to work things out.

If I had been supported and the person marking the assignment had not split hairs over the most minor thing thens then I would be happy to carry on with the course. I am starting to think that they probably want you to fail numerous times so that you will have to keep paying for the extentions…Oh yeah I have a degree which I have used successfully in numerous educational settings so with the right help I could have completed the course.

I am now considering taking legal action against TEFL for there lack of consideration for those who need extra help when learning as they have set me up to fail and have done nothing to adhere to the disability discrimination act ….

This course is absolutely rubbish! Having a teaching degree already I thought I would walk into a job as an English teacher… this is not the case.

I have been told by several potential employers that this course is not recognized as an official course and that they could not accept my certificate. I feel cheated out of valuable time and money! A minor point to add is that it took several months before i-to-i sent me my certificate.

I phoned and e-mailed several times before they resolved the problem. I would not recommend this course at all. My time and money would have been put to much better use on another tefl course. I have just completed the i to i hour course and I thought it was great. I agree entirely with the last review posted by Kate. I think it is a shame that i to i suffer such bad reviews from people who are clearly expecting something other than what they have bought. What you do with the knowledge you gain is up to you.

They give you the basics and check you have understood. I have no teaching experience and the course has taught me loads of techniques and different approaches. It has given me a thorough grounding that I can build on and opened the door to a new career path. The tutors were great and very helpful and I had as much support as I asked for.

As for classroom experience, i to i never state that you will have teaching practice with students. On the job front, TEFL is internationally recognised no lie but is someone in the depths of South Korea really going to look at your i to i certificate and hire you because of it? You could design and print a fake one — would they know? If you believe an i to i certificate alone is a passport to international travel and work then you probably belive all those ads for slimming products and anti-ageing creams…….

All this said, i to i are a commercial company and they do have one or two sneaky marketing tricks. I am getting so much out of this course! I started teaching individual lessons at home to elementary school kids and really needed some guidance. This course has helped me see where I was going wrong and how to get better results out of the kids.

The checkpoints were much more time consuming but the hard work paid off in terms of really understanding the methodology. The ressources were great. I have a part time job, two young kids and am on another course so for me this was an ideal way to fit TELF around my busy life.

Also I neeeded the deadline that they give you otherwise it would have just become another one of my unfinished projects! You soon discover what works! I found the course harder than I thought it would be. However, this was good because I feel that I have the skills needed to be a good teacher,once I get the needed practice. Since completing the course and advertising online, I have had numerous from Asian countries.

I found the course to be quite thorough and not as simple as I had imagined it would be. All in all, I did learn quite a few things. As for teaching practice, since this is an online course, there is none.

So I suggest you do as I did, which is to volunteer at a local English school. I honestly feel these courses are hogwash. If you want real credentials to be a teacher then get a masters in Education. Otherwise all of this you would have learnt shortly after starting to teach anyway. The whole industry is just a money making cash cow for those of us who did not study education but want to work in another country. I immediately got offered a few of the positions I applied for.

The majority of the students were aboriginal. I was struggling as I had no training in ESL. This was impossible for me as it was only offered face to face in the state capital kms away! So I enrolled for the 60hr online i to i course. Because I was already teaching and had an immediate need for the information I found it incredibly helpful.

I was immediately aware that much of what I had thought was good was the students was useless and, apart from the interaction they had with each other, coming to my classes was a waste of time. I have changed my methods completely and immediately noticed an improvement in language learning. I think it essential comes down to how much you put into the course. They clearly know what they are doing, because in these two weeks I already feel so much more confident in my abilities and feel that in many ways it beats the traditional structure of learning that gets taught at university; where all you do is paraphrase and regurgitate other peoples ideas, into your own language, on top of direct help from the tutor where in so many words they tell you exactly what to mention.

Here, the responsibility lies squarely on your shoulders. I signed myself up to the Thailand internship which included a hour online course and a 20 hour weekend course in Thailand. I found the content of the course to be really comprehensive, and followed a logical course of thinking. The feedback was helpful, and my instructor for the 20 hour weekend course was incredible. He was immensely patient, understanding and clear in his explanations — everything you need in an introduction to TEFL.

I feel the course, combined with my time teaching here in Thailand has been a wonderfully helpful and positive introduction to the TEFL world. I did the 40 hour online course way back in As I had had no prevous teaching experience, I found it useful in becoming aware of all the names of different tenses etc.

The classroom video was useful as well, as I had no idea of how to go about teaching a class. That being said, the materials were useless and I had to use the couple of grammar which I had purchased just to answer the questions at the end of the module. I was teaching in Poland and I got a teaching job before I had even finished the course.

When I had my interview I had to create a lesson plan, the classroom video in the course helped me create the lesson plan and in turn helped me secure the job.

You are better off reading a book on teaching and and using English Grammar in Use. And this statement is definitely NOT true. Stay clear of i-to-i if you want qualifications. Quick and inexpensive courses are offered but resultant certificates seem to have next to no prevalence in the international job market.

Placements for Europe are extremely limited I found out after taking the course, despite talking with tutors who seemed to think that the course COULD get me a placement in Greece , i-to-i focus mainly on Asian internships Thailand, China being the main placements.

Do your research before doing a TEFL course; you get what you pay for and the courses do vary from company to company. You may find it easier to find work if you do your course abroad in the same place you take your placement. I did the course based on the information given by i-to-i on their website. It clearly says that it is internationally recognised and will prepare you for teaching esl anywhere in the world.

I should have researched a little harder. The course teaches you some basic things like concept questions and recognising grammar structure but really what need is quality teacher observed teaching feedback. I arrived in Indonesia before I even tried to get a job and then by asking around for a job I soon realised that this piece of paper that I was carrying around with me was just that — a piece of paper. Unless I wanted to work for English First nooo thanks , language centres are not interested unless you have actual inclass hours under instruction from a tutor.

I did eventually get lucky with one language centre who took me on, on the condition I would complete the CELTA at first opportunity. The i-toi course gave me no preparation on how to handle classes and structure lessons to suite. I had no class management skills and felt a complete waste of time. The course taught me so much about teaching techniques and the feedback sessions gave me so many things to work on.

No doubt the CELTA course is what you need to be fully prepared for almost any situation without being stressed. I now feel I am a competent teacher and I can really see the results in my students. So in conclusion, sure this course is quite easy but it will get you nowhere to being able to produce quality lesson plans and deliver quality leassons. I took this course last year while living in Viet Nam.

My instructor was in Rio. I was eager to get the certificate as I had a job lined up. At the end of each module I would get feed back almost instantly. The program was excellent and helpful and I started doing private tutoring almost immediately and plan to go to the on campus program in Colorado in June.

I chose the Hr course as this is the amount of time for a certificate that is deemed appropriate. Grammar is very good to get you up to speed in an active learning capacity. Online course content is on an equal footing with celta. I think this actually tops a few CELTA centers and learning by yourself can be more efficient than being stuffed into a small, hot classroom taking notes while the celta teacher drones on and you clock up your classroom hours; only 6 of which are actual teaching yourself.

If the question asked why should you not shout in a classroom, I would have known enough answers, based on over ten years of experience.

The question quite clearly asks for egs of when it is appropriate to shout, so I gave the appropriate answer. That clearly contradicts the question itslef, and the i-to-i course is not exactly a PhD in the philosophy of education.

If the comment I submitted on 15th December was added, then pls accept my apologies for any repetition. I was unhappy with the repetition and the software. I think its a pretty expensive way to enrich yourself. I just finished the i — i hour online course and found it to be challenging and informative. I feel much more confident. I decided on i — i because of its online course and the tutors and because of many of the good reviews. That is not an option. It seems to me those that have written poor reviews did not pass or expected the certificate to open doors to high paying jobs.

I did it for self enrichment, to test myself and I ended up learning in the process! I really enjoyed reading the tutor feedback. On the whole I had a bad experience with itoi. I purchased the hour combined course. As part of this I did the 20 hour weekend course, the 60 hour online, the grammar awareness course and the specialist certificates.

I would only recommend the 20 hour weekend classroom course. The 60 hour course basically repeats everything done in the classroom. Even most of the examples are the same. I also had problems saving, I did a 37 question module and lost 34 questions, it took me nearly two hours to re-do them, my girlfriend also had problems saving too.

The grammar awareness course is just a multiple choice quiz which you can attempt as many times as you want. Not reall y worth the money. The customer service is poor too. Basically as soon as they have your money you are not going to get it back. Overall, not worth doing. I have been teaching English in Jakarta for a year now, and my i-to-i education gave me enough confidence and ability to design my own course materials, create lesson plans and begin teaching within a week of certification.

English is a challenging language and the modules were logically structured as they guided me through varying levels of understanding grammar, syntax and usage.

The certificates also gave invaluable training in areas such as teaching business English, young learners, with limited resources, etc.. My tutor, fortunately, was a good one; he gave timely responses and always answered my questions concisely. I never felt his advice was pedantic and certainly never useless. I, too, remember being baffled at first about concept questions and specifically the question about smoking. The tutor is correct, Anon! If I had the money, I would always invest in the best.

The knowledge I gained was not lacking in depth, to say the least and like most things in which we make a sincere effort in this life, what we get out will be commensurate with what we put in.

Hi All, Just so you know- I was not successful in my phone interview for apparent unknown reason only the Chinese counterparts know. There was no reason my application should have been rejected I completed the course requirements and online assessments well before it was due. I honestly believe I was not given a fair chance.

Not worth wasting your money especially if you are Australian wanting to teach English overseas. I did the course as it was a requirement of the internship program. I think people should know that it is not right.

Its a scam to pay for the course with the hope of travelling to china. I would not recommend i-to-i to anyone. Firstly I need to say that getting them to call at or around the time they advised was a huge problem in itself. I received an email on Friday for a scheduled interview on Tuesday.

After confirming straight away that everything was good to go I waited all day for a phone call at 6pm 4pm BJS time. The phone call never came but at 7. Anyway, I emailed i-to-i and the contact in China who set up the interview and rescheduled for another day same time. I waited again for the call at 6pm which came at 9. He could only answer general questions which made it hard to decide if it would be the right school for you.

I know they assign the school on arrival in Beijing but perhaps this is what they can improve on- giving interns a better idea of where they are staying. While the website is very accessible, there is little to no feedback from real people. The only feedback you receive is after completing the module assignments, each of which is graded by a different online tutor; the feedback is thin and inconsistent. It is more a tutorial than a class.

I also took the classroom portion of the i-to-i TEFL course. The teacher was very engaging and competent. She clearly had experience as a teacher and kept the lessons paced well. However, the material covered had no more depth than the slides in the online modules. This was frustrating but what I find infuriating is that i-to-i TEFL certificates are not recognized by most schools.

They are only recognized as a bonus in places where you could teach TEFL cert. Additionally, the job placement services that i-to-i promises are sparse. The few placements they list as examples before you sign up are in fact the only placements they offer. As a point of credibility I would like to add that I passed every module and am not simply upset about a grade. I am angry about the shortcoming of this flimsy course.

A TEFL certification is not going to get you a full time job in the better academies and centres around the world. Our weekend tutor emphasised that the course would be perfect for working on a summer school.

When I did my hour course there were lots of comments and questions on the i-to-i forum about the tutors, and how effectively they mark.

As for the course, I thought it was well structured and interesting. The hour weekend element was excellent. At the end of the day, this is only a certification. Aside from all the comments from above I personally think that this would help NEW people entering the teaching area. If you want to pass the online course, you have to second guess what answers the tutor wants.

The marking, IMO, is too subjective. They want answers that are short quicker to mark? Other resources are needed to give you more examples and better explanations about TEFL terminology and how it works in the classroom, to enable you to answer the questions. I struggled with some of the questions Anon August 24 mentions, and hey presto! It has some good points though: Excellent is something this course is not, and I recommend finding another one, with better reviews.

At the end none of the students seemed at all prepared to go into a classroom and teach and I was shocked to learn that there would be no more teaching practice, even for those on the hour course. And they spam you constantly with new offers. Their business strategy seems to be to draw you in with cheap offers then tempt you to keep topping up your training, which you will need to do because of the deficiency of training you receive.

Your resources would be better spent looking at doing a practicle course with a reputable provider. Devise concept questions to check student understanding of the sentences. Write 3 or 4 questions to each sentence. Make sure all your questions are useful, i. Does the person smoke often? We often allow an extra attempt for those students who are on a learning track but still a little short of the required level. However, in your case I am not inclined to do so, because you have not followed my explicit instructions in some tasks.

Despite 3 attempts and writing the answers to the fairly simple questions, spending an awful lot of time and money the Tutor here tries to say I fall below the required standard. Read the response carefully before you make your mind up, hardly worded very well for a DOS, is it?. What a complete load of non-sense I will be asking for the DOS to either re-consider their decision or refund on my course, if not expect an unbelievable website to appear about i-to-i horror stories where there are no holds barred.

Anyone even signing up to this course should be aware that if your answer does not agree with the tutors you will get some pedantic, useless feedback!

This is true for many countries where the only requirement is a degree. So much so that I actually omit it from my resume now as it detracts rather than adds to my qualifications.

I would advise everyone to avoid courses like this, and invest the money into a couple of textbooks instead that will teach you just as much at a far better price.

Anyone who is confused by the mixed reviews on here should just look at some job adverts on a site like TEFL. A quick look there will quickly show you that in some regions, a degree is enough, in other regions, a Master is the minimum.

My experience of the i-to-i TEFL course so far has been nothing but overwhelmingly positive. My expectations have been exceeded in every area so far. If only university tutors were as good at providing timely and useful feedback!

I taught English in Japan with no qualifications or experience a few years back, and had a good experience. An outstanding one, in fact. So thank you, i-to-i. Keep up the fantastic work. I would stay away from i-to-i. I had a terrible experience with them. They advertised their internship in China claiming that you would get a chance to select your region.

I also found them unhelpful in moving dates and in making changes. Their hr course, also, is a bit of a joke. Doing this course made me realise that it would be something i could and will enjoy doing. It has taught me the basics ie lesson planning, grammar amongst other things. It has also given me a brief outline of teaching one to one, large classes, limited resources, business english and teaching young learners.

This course has never pretended to be the be all and end all, I have always known i could get a job in thailand with just a tefl certificate albeit not in bangkok necessarily because of the university degree and the ageism aspect, but, i could get a job elsewhere there and cambodia, vietnam etc should i desire to.

My intention has always been to take a celta course in which ever country i choose to teach in, as well as having my tefl cert i would bet i can find a decent job and get a proper teaching licence without a degree. The tutor feedback was excellent, I now know how to lesson plan which was something i could not do before the course, the grammar module has reminded me of all those dark days back at school doing english, overall the course content was very good, no teaching experience but this can always be gained on the job or even one to one private lessons in this country.

ODLQC are a british government backed accreditor, many people have slated them, but i think it is a very good accreditor, not as good as celta admittedly, but if you want celta then pay the extra money and do it.

I to i is a good start in the tefl world and will get you a job and a teaching licence in most cases, so please stop putting it down so much, I enjoyed doing the course and as such will be moving abroad to teach within the next year. Besides making my money back after five months abroad, I also feel more confident and prepared to teach English.

I also think the interactive structure of the online course is very good. Nobody here seems to be talking about that component of the course. I took the 40 hour online course, if you know next to nothing about teaching this guide will indeed help you but some of it proves to be tedious for a learner who does best hands on.

If you can study online easily this will work for you and get you started but I think its hardly worth the and something USD I payed for it. To be honest, the weekend course was great; the trainer was knowledgable and motivational and the course was structured. Also, although the weekend course was great, it was way too short, felt hurried and had no actual teaching practice with real students.

The main reason I just did the 80hr course was to try it out before going the full hog and doing the hr course while in BKK. However, when I arrived in BKK, all of the respected and high-paying language schools and institutes said that the certification was insufficient. In the end, I managed to get a job a small government school on the outskirts of BKK.

However, i believe that it was more to do with their desperation for native speaking teachers than the i-to-i course. And by the way, the i-to-i courses I did were in no way sufficient for preparing me to teach. They said that if you want to work in a good school you need the following;. I also secured a job with a top international language school in BKK. I did only a short course on multilevel classes with i-to-i because I did my TEFL certificate through a university and I was satisfied.

I learned a lot. Any preparation for working in Korea is appreciated, especially in the public schools. ZGM, you made an investment and probably you are a better teacher for it. I have heard that it is a tough place to get an English teaching job.

You have to be super-credentialed and super-experienced because there is a lot of competition. But it makes sense because many people want to go to Spain because of some idealized notion of life there. Korea is a great place to get teaching experience, but I hope that people at least get some fundamentals under their belts before coming here.

I wish I had taken some course before…things would have gone much smoother. All for, at the end of the day, a slighty different bit of paper! The i-to-i course is thorough; they do not just pass everyone; you have to complete each module to a certain standard or retake it you can only resubmit twice , and you are given very good feedback from the well-qualified tutors; so you become more aware of your strengths and weaknesses.

I am now almost finished on the course and have taken advantage of the Job Placement Service offered to register to work in Czech Rep. I honestly feel that i-to-i offer good value. At the end of the day a lot of schools abroad are more bothered about you having a degree than a TEFL cert, whatever TEFL you take; it does more to prepare you, than give you any clout when applying for jobs.

The course was OK, but definitely not worth the odd I paid. At the moment, I managed to get a volunteer placement with a school. I would suggest people go for a hour course in-classroom , which is accepted worldwide. By October I had completed it. I then left for Spain to get a job with it. I went for a few interviews but was unsuccessful, as they all wanted someone with at least some experience, I didnt have any, and the course didnt contain any practical experience.

After 1 month in Spain I ran out of funds and had to return to the UK bitterly dissappointed. I was determined to try again in the future I was desperate to leave the UK and I did. I had a definite job, contract and accommodation set up for me before I left. I was also accepted without having any teaching experience, you just need a university degree in any subject.

I really should have been more careful and done more research before I got my wallet out, but that doesnt excuse I-to-I from making misleading claims.

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Общий курс для взрослых Общий курс для взрослых выходные. Интенсивный курс английского по будним дням Интенсивный курс английского по выходным дням Суперинтенсивный курс английского языка Интенсивный фонетический курс Интенсивный курс грамматики Интенсивные разговорные курсы.

Бизнес-тренинг Фонетический тренинг Грамматический тренинг Эссе по английскому языку. Курсы для начинающих Beginner Курсы для начинающих Elementary. Доступный английский для взрослых 30 ак. Доступный английский для взрослых 60 ак. Доступный английский для взрослых 40 ак.

Клубные занятия Литературно-разговорный курс Разговорный суперинтенсивный курс Разговорный КиноКурс Разговорный курс английского языка. Курсы английского по skype. Индивидуальное обучение английскому в Москве. Общий курс делового английского Интенсивный курс делового английского Разговорный и письменный курс Разговорный курс делового английского. Оставьте заявку, и наши специалисты помогут найти максимально подходящий для вас курс!

Я согласен на обработку и хранение своих персональных данных , указанных выше. Подтвердите согласие на обработку данных. Курсы для детей и подростков Для малышей лет.

Playway 1 Playway 2 Playway 3 Playway лет. Каникулы на английском лет Каникулы на английском лет. Курс подготовки к ТКТ: Module One экзамен Module Three письменная работа. Курс подготовки к TKT: Международные экзамены Описание международных экзаменов по английскому языку.

Корпоративное обучение Корпоративное обучение английскому: Общий курс корпоративного английского. Изучение финансового английского Юридический английский Работникам сферы туризма. Корпоративный разговорный курс английского. Бизнес курс корпоративного английского Деловая переписка на английском языке Эффективные презентации.

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Truck version KESS V2, support more trucks model than any version which provide two software version, V can be used with internet, V can not use internet and compared with other version, firmware V is more stable. If you are interested in Russian culture and the Russian language BKC - International House Moscow is a great way to find out about the country. Курсы английского языка в Москве. Рейтинг школ английского языка в Москве. Выбор курсов изучения английского языка: акции, скидки.

Курсы для преподавателей в BKC-IH Moscow | VK

Ольга выступила с презентацией по теме "Ensuring Development During Lesson Feedback", а Татьяна рассказала о своей работе над темой "Feedback on Writing: Common Teaching Practices in Exam Preparation". Подробнее о курсе - http: Dates and Fees bkcih-moscow.

В процессе интенсивного обучения студенты приобретают навыки по применению коммуникативной методики обучения, выполняя практические задания на тренингах, планируя и проводя уроки в группах, которые были сформированы школой, где проходит курс CELTA. Студенты предпочтут тех, у кого есть сертификат международного образца, а не только русский диплом.

Мало кто любит сдавать экзамены, а на курсе CELTA выпускные экзамены не предусмотрены, так как решение о выдаче сертификата CELTA студенту принимается с учетом проделанной работы на всем курсе. Для получения сертификата нужно посетить все семинары, выполнить четыре письменные работы, подготовить и провести восемь уроков для учеников двух разных уровней, например, elementary и intermediate. About the course bkcih-moscow. Работа нашей Методической Школы для преподавателей продолжится после новогодних праздников семинаром по теме "Using CLIL for young children" y.

Будем рады новой встрече с вами! Мы были рады работать с вами в течение ти недель и надеемся, что полученные знания помогут вам сделать свои уроки в новом году ещё более эффективными. В прошлые выходные завершились занятия в группах подготовки к кембриджским экзаменам по методике преподавания TKT: Желаем нашим слушателям получить высшие оценки на предстоящем экзамене! Если вы ещё не сдавали экзамен ТКТ, мы будем рады видеть вас на наших курсах подготовки: YL и с 27 января по 17 марта TKT: Мы рады сообщить, что в ноябре г.

Программа курса CELTA включает методические семинары, практику преподавания языка студентам под руководством тренеров, анализ и коллективное обсуждение проведенных уроков, посещение уроков квалифицированных преподавателей, ряд письменных работ.

Отличительная черта курса — возможность отработать усвоенные знания на практике и получить детальный анализ уроков и рекомендации от тренеров курса. Тренеры курса — высококлассные специалисты, имеющие огромный опыт преподавания английского языка как иностранного и официально признанные Кембриджским Университетом.

Общий курс для взрослых. Разговорные курсы и клубы. Международные программы в Москве. Доступный английский для взрослых. Деловой английский для взрослых. Общий курс немецкого в Москве. Деловой курс немецкого в Москве.

Подготовка к международным экзаменам. Интенсивные курсы немецкого в Москве. Индивидуальное обучение немецкому в Москве. Общий курс французского в Москве. Интенсивные курсы французского в Москве. Подготовка к международному экзамену DALF. Деловой курс французского в Москве. Индивидуальное обучение французскому в Москве. Общий курс итальянского в Москве. Подготовка к международному экзамену CILS. Разговорный итальянский в Москве. Бизнес курс итальянского в Москве.

Общий курс испанского в Москве. Подготовка к экзамену DELE. Интенсивный курс испанского в Москве. Общий курс китайского в Москве. Индивидуальное обучение китайскому для взрослых.

Подготовка к экзамену HSK. Бизнес курс китайского в Москве. Тренинг по китайской каллиграфии. Общий курс японского в Москве. Интенсивные курсы японского в Москве. Индивидуальное обучение японскому в Москве.

Подготовка к экзамену JLPT. Для малышей лет. Для подростков лет. Академические программы для учащихся классов. Для детей лет. Индивидуальные занятия для детей. BKC-IH — любимая школа детей и подростков. Английский язык на каникулах в Москве. Немецкий для детей и подростков. Индивидуальное обучение детей немецкому в Москве. Подготовка детей к международным экзаменам. Обучение детей 7 - 9 лет французскому языку.

Подразделение Cambridge English Language Assessment проводит курс в партнерстве с International House, Лондон (на английском языке). Читать ещёПодразделение Cambridge English Language Assessment проводит курс в партнерстве с International House, Лондон (на английском языке). Виртуальное самостоятельное обучение. У вас есть свобода выбирать, как вам работать. При условии своевременного выполнения заданий и вашего участия в обсуждениях на форумах и в аудиториях вы можетеработать в собственном темпе, в то время и в том месте, которое вы выберете сами. Скрыть. Authorised Cambridge Test Centre BKC-IH.  Специальное предложение на весенний курс CELTA - скидка 10 тысяч рублей при оплате до 26 января. Читать ещёAuthorised Cambridge Test Centre BKC-IH. Cambridge English Language Assessment Russia. Представительство Департамента экзаменов Кембриджского университета. ВКС-Кантри: отдых для всей семьи.  Специальное предложение на весенний курс CELTA - скидка 10 тысяч рублей при оплате до 26 января. Подробнее о курсе - Training celta:: Dates and Fees 1 Нравится. просмотров. Скрыть. Bkc celta в Москве - отзывы, фото, телефоны, адреса с рейтингом, отзывами и фотографиями. Адреса, телефоны, часы работы, схема проезда.

Курсы Английского Языка BKC в Москве: Информация и Отзывы

Яна , у нас высшее не требуется. Yana Baturina replied to Tatyana. We are urgently looking for enthusiastic, confident English teacher to work with children in our international kindergarten, teach them English in a motivational and engaging manner.

Groups of kids aged year old, y. You will join a team of experienced educators. Kievskoe Hightway, 20 km from Moscow.

Transportation from metro station is provided. Can anyone upload it for me? Сертификат TEFL готовый, лицензированный по лучшей цене, https: Только не надо, пожалуйста, писать: Show all 4 comments Anna Tkachova.

Мне посоветовали вот эти для Celta. Very important books during the course: В процессе интенсивного обучения студенты приобретают навыки по применению коммуникативной методики обучения, выполняя практические задания на тренингах, планируя и проводя уроки в группах, которые были сформированы школой, где проходит курс CELTA.

Студенты предпочтут тех, у кого есть сертификат международного образца, а не только русский диплом. Мало кто любит сдавать экзамены, а на курсе CELTA выпускные экзамены не предусмотрены, так как решение о выдаче сертификата CELTA студенту принимается с учетом проделанной работы на всем курсе.

Для получения сертификата нужно посетить все семинары, выполнить четыре письменные работы, подготовить и провести восемь уроков для учеников двух разных уровней, например, elementary и intermediate.

С каждым годом популярность нашего сообщества растет, так же, как растет число желающих открыть новую грань своего лингвистического мастерства-это ли не повод для новых побед?!

Каждому есть что про себя сказать. У каждого есть амбиции. Так вот, будет гораздо легче идти учиться на курс CELTА людям, которые открыты, в том числе и к критике к себе, наблюдательны, способны работать в цейтноте. Конечно, хорошо, если есть какая-то творческая составляющая в характере, с ней будет легче. Чем дальше ты продвигаешься по курсу, тем больше у тебя самостоятельности. Первые две недели я чувствовала себя совершенно зажатой. Хотя я старалась делать все, что мне говорят, хотя у меня никогда не было никаких проблем с тем, чтобы держать аудиторию, я давно работаю, но какие-то огрехи постоянно были.

Когда ты ведешь урок, сзади или сбоку сидит тьютор с компьютером и записывает каждое твое слово. На основе этих комментариев потом и ставится оценка. Если показываешь урок ниже стандарта, и такой урок не один, то есть возможность с курса вылететь. Правда, среди наших слушателей не вылетел никто. На основе твоих уроков и своих записей тьюторы составляют о тебе впечатление, потом собираются вместе обсуждать тебя, приезжает еще независимый эксперт "assessor" , и с тобой еще параллельно ведутся беседы.

Тебе совершенно честно рассказывают о том, какое ты производишь впечатление, что ты делаешь, чего ты не делаешь. Ты все это подписываешь. Никакого финального экзамена нет. Надо быть готовым к тому, что никто тебе не скажет: К тому, что это будет постоянная работа. Через две недели я перешла к другому преподавателю они между собой тоже общаются, обмениваются впечатлениями, файлами.

И мне было сказано: И мне стало страшно. Потому что в том прессинге, в котором мы находились, я забывала, что у меня есть какие-то "педагогические достижения". Хотя позднее, когда я уже почувствовала себя на уроках более самой собой, я поняла, что многое из того, чему там учат, я уже делала и раньше. Просто никогда — в такой последовательности, никогда — с такой дисциплиной и никогда — с таким уровнем подготовки к уроку.

Если сравнить обычный урок и урок на СELTA, то там нужно было к каждому своему уроку прописывать возможные проблемы "anticipated problems": А вдруг студенты не поймут этого задания? Или вдруг они наткнутся на трудные слова? Это тьюторы тоже очень ценят: Этого не говорят на вступительных испытаниях, но это лично я бы посоветовала делать тем, кто имеет в планах пройти CELTA: Многие из нас привыкли к тому, что на уроке учитель стоит и что-то объясняет, в лучшем случае — ученики получили задание, обсудили в парах, но потом опять говорит учитель.

Я тоже вначале страдала на занятиях "teacher-centeredness". А преподаватель должен хорошо подготовить и организовать выполнение заданий и быть, скорее, неявным руководителем и наблюдателем. Огромное значение имеет "мониторинг" - активное наблюдение за тем, как ученики работают. В типичной школе или вузе учитель, бывает, дал задание и занимается своим делом или смотрит в окно. На CELTA вас быстро отучат от подобной практики — наблюдайте, записывайте, анализируйте, разбирайте — вот ваша роль во время выполнения студентами задания!

Еще одна вещь, которой учит СELTA — делать так, чтобы на уроках абсолютно все участники происходящего испытывали положительные эмоции. Еще когда ученики заходят в класс, еще даже урок официально не начался — самое главное, как их настроить. Как только я начала улыбаться на занятиях, уроки стали гораздо лучше, и тьюторы мне стали об этом говорить.

До этого у меня был, наверное, несколько менторский тон… Я там легкий намек сделала мальчику, который достал мобильный телефон. Студенты должны сами захотеть отложить мобильный телефон! Применим ли в профессиональной жизни этот сертификат? В нашем городе есть языковые школы и вузы, которые охотно принимают на работу специалистов, имеющих такой сертификат.

При желании, можно поехать в любую страну и преподавать там английский как иностранный. Цена ваших частных уроков также может несколько подняться. Но самое главное, ты начинаешь больше понимать в процессе обучения в целом, что делает тебя профессионалом более высокого уровня. Люди, которые свою жизнь хотят связать с преподаванием, должны пройти этот курс, хотя бы для того, чтобы посмотреть, как это делается практически во всем мире. Это тьюторы, которые вместе с тобой на курсе не спят ночами, проверяя эссе, готовясь к занятиям, составляя отчёты по данным нами урокам.

Это твоя группа, собранная в моём случае из разных городов России и СНГ. Все четыре недели мы были одной дружной семьёй, помогали друг другу, хвалили и критиковали друг друга, шутили и смеялись в коротких перерывах. Мы пережили целый диапазон эмоций — от тяжёлой депрессии и полной фрустрации до ликования и эйфории.

Год прошёл, а воспоминания до сих пор совершенно свежи. CELTA до сих пор держит нас в тонусе, не даёт расслабляться. Это говорят и мои коллеги с курса. Некоторые из этих людей теперь мои друзья на всю жизнь.

Сейчас, когда после CELTA прошло уже больше года, мне проще смотреть и оценивать, как изменился мой стиль преподавания по сравнению с ДО. Должна сказать, я не изменила свой стиль на сто процентов и не считаю себя безупречным преподавателем. Я многому научилась — это правда. Я стала более человечной и внимательной к студентам — тоже верно. Теперь я понимаю, несмотря на "жёсткость"курса, громадное напряжение и стресс, CELTA не ломает тебя, как педагога, не переучивает на западный лад.

Она делает тебя более восприимчивым ко всему новому в преподавании, она указывает путь к дальнейшему самообразованию, заставляет тебя искать свой собственный стиль в профессии. Материал любезно предоставлен редакцией сайта компании "Британия", г. You acquire lots of things, Such a knowledge, patience, skills. You meet people who are wise And quite good at compromise. No regrets or feeling sorry. Well, it is indeed. Once you are on the course you find yourself sledging down a mountain at the highest possible speed with almost no chance to stop.

Sleepless nights and lunchless days full of lesson planning and actual teaching are a reality. But eventually it all proves to be highly rewarding and leads you to a much deeper understanding of how to establish an effective learning environment in the classroom and what the role of a teacher actually is. From the very moment of applying for the course I got a feeling that CELTA tends to be a purely personal training program which needs to be taken at the right time.

Pre-course tasks and a Skype interview made me refer to my background teaching and language-learning experience which includes taking TKT, CAE and CPE exams, working with different age groups and levels, participating in teacher training workshops and certainly communicating with native speakers.

Every single step I took before CELTA mattered a lot and as those dots got connected I managed to make my way towards further professional development. Some of us might think that as soon as we get admired by our students there are no more stars to reach for, but hopefully most of us believe in lifelong learning as being an integral part of a teaching job. This inner desire to grow constantly not only helps us to polish up the art of teaching, but also makes our lives thrilling!

The course itself turned out to be individual based on many levels. Being trainees, we had to reflect on our own teaching daily, filling in self-evaluation forms and analyzing our strengths and weaknesses.

Though all the input sessions and procedures to follow were the same, every teacher struggled with their own individual flaws.

And as we developed our skills throughout the course, new challenges would appear. We would spend hours exploring the different types of learners and looking for relevant materials and methods to use for each particular group of students. Overall, having only four weeks to digest loads of brand new teaching techniques and put them into practice seemed to be overambitious, but the pressure acted as a powerful tool.

Squeezing as much information as possible into oneself and achieving personal and professional goals led to development that each of CELTA trainees are proud of now. Despite the fact that everybody had far too much on their plate, we built a close rapport and mutual trust, which is priceless.

So, if you asked me whether the course is worthwhile, my answer would definitely be positive. Once you are determined enough to expand your horizons and gain an insight into the best of both classic and innovative teaching methodology, take a deep breath and push your sledge down the CELTA mountain! It was certainly a useful course, that has given a new dimension to teaching language. The teaching methods and approaches you were used to seem totally wrong now.

The one-month course seems to have given me much more than a 5-year course at the institute!!!!! But then great fun, Good job! A lot of friends, Champaign and dance.

Help and support When, why and what. Екатерина с удовольствием поделилась своими впечатлениями о Центре и о пройденном курсе. Как известно, успешное прохождение этого курса дает возможность вместе с престижным сертификатом получить право преподавать английский как иностранный в любой точке мира.

Поэтому курс CELTA для тех, кто хочет совершенствоваться не только в теории, но и на практике и намерен в профессиональном плане подняться на новый, международный уровень.

Все было для меня совершенно новым и волнующим, но курс дал мне такой максимум практики и общения с опытнейшими педагогами, какой я бы нигде больше не получила. Спустя некоторое время я переехала в Москву и устроилась на работу в школу ВКС и с тех пор имею возможность проходить специализированные тренинги, посещать интереснейшие семинары и обмениваться опытом с ведущими преподавателями из международной команды ВКС International House. Общий курс для взрослых. Разговорные курсы и клубы.

Международные программы в Москве. Доступный английский для взрослых. Деловой английский для взрослых. Общий курс немецкого в Москве. Деловой курс немецкого в Москве. Подготовка к международным экзаменам. Интенсивные курсы немецкого в Москве. Индивидуальное обучение немецкому в Москве. Общий курс французского в Москве.

Интенсивные курсы французского в Москве. Подготовка к международному экзамену DALF. Деловой курс французского в Москве. Индивидуальное обучение французскому в Москве.

Cambridge CELTA отзывы участников, набор на курсы осень Эта группа для тех, кто готовится к сдаче экзамена CELTA (Certificate in English Тренер BKC-IH Moscow Teacher Training Centre Кащеева Анна. января BKC-IH Moscow принял участие в зимней школе DonELTA Специальное предложение на весенний курс CELTA - скидка 10 тысяч.

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